Open eve

Hi all, just checking if the Open evening is tomorrow from 7pm?


As far as I am aware, tomorrow is an Open Evening so yes, should be open…

I’m not sure it has been announced or put in the calendar but we do run them every 2 weeks and last open evening was 2 weeks ago…

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@antonyoneill still good go host?

Here is the guide, if you get a chance to create the Event that would be great!

How to host Open Evening



Unfortunately I’ve not been well over the weekend, with a positive covid test on Monday. I am feeling much better today, but I suspect the test will still be positive.

I’d love to host, but it’s not worth the risk to members and visitors

Edit: I just did another test and it’s positive :weary:

How do we actually announce the Open Evening, I guess creating the post is easy enough but don’t we also send out a mail-shot to some people?

Creating the post in Events puts it on the public calendar. And the website I believe points interested folks at that…

@welcome was doing mailshots, but not sure the status of that anymore…

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Not at the moment. We don’t send an email out everytime . But we usually still have people turn up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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oki…see you tonight then:)