Omnifixo Pledge Drive

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Omnifixio is amazing. Absolutely game changer.


If you people want the Omnifixio we might have to do a pledge drive as it’s half of the spending for the things we need…

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I’ve already pledged 10, @Gawain?

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Im in for 10 also, sounds well reviewed!

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hold on, make a new thread please :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’ll join for 10. I also have one in my personal setup if people want a demo

Yeah, take my £10 also!


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Anybody want to reach out to Omnifixo whether they’ll give us as a Makerspace a discount code or maybe even a couple perks?

Good idea!

Pledges so far (this is a wiki post):

@kyle - £10
@asander1 - £10
@Gawain - £10
@Geraetefreund - £10
@tmilner - £10

Total: £50

Ill pledge £10 as well, currently i bring mine to the space when ever I do soldering so having one there would be great.

And reaching out to them is a good idea, ill give it a go.

Edit: Email sent, will follow up if they reply.


Awesome thanks! Looks like we are already there funds-wise but lets see if they can sweeten the deal!

Also happy to pitch in £10 if needed - maybe they can cut us a package deal with some extra clips, the second small baseplate etc since we have some extra funds? I’m sure some of these clips will get lost over time at the space so having some spares may not be a bad idea (not to mention being useful for anything particularly annoyingly shaped where 4 may not be enough)

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The owner got back to me, he’s kindly offered a code which will allow us to buy two of them at a 60% discount. However the products will be “not perfect” with scratched packaging, not the right packaging etc. (sounds like the actual product will be fine tho).

If we’re fine with that I can provide the code when we go to make the purchase (as it’s a one time use code, it’s probably not a wise idea to post it publicly)


Sounds good to me

Sounds great!

Awesome, I look forward to not bring mine with me every time I do some soldering.

Ill sort out the order in the coming days and send out a message for those contributing once I’ve done that (unless anyone else wants/needs to do it?)


Cool that’s great! Go ahead and do it if you like, or if you need help just let me know and the Space can order/collect… cheers

Order placed :slight_smile:

They’ll get delivered to me and ill drop them at the space when they arrive.

Ill send out a DM to sort the funds soon.


They’ve arrived and I’m bringing them to the space now :slight_smile: I’ll put one in each electronics bay.