What would you like to see in the electronics area?

That would be £40, thanks

Sure. Just 3 more all gripping in a parallel plane :slight_smile:

Thata what I can do with 5 minutes and a bag of parts, sorry


+1 for JST crimps. I was searching the other day and couldn’t find any.

I now have these and they seem decent for the money at least my initial fee crimps.

iCrimp IWS-2820M - https://amzn.eu/d/bpFpCED
iCrimp IWS-2412M - https://amzn.eu/d/5LtNqw1

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I got one of these and it was pretty good for upgrading my 3d printer.
Dunno if it helps. company is german i believe.



I was thinking some component racks would be great. I don’t remember there being any last time I was there but correct me if I’m wrong.

we have component “racks”

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Amazing, what type is it?
Can’t see it listed anywhere.

That looks like a good option

@Howard know more about it

I use these and have managed every dupont or jst connector I’ve come across building printers.

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A set of USB and USB-C charging points on the main table alongside 240v power points, so can power Arduinos, RPIs, phones, laptops etc. without having to bring in chargers.

A master switch for the clean room / electronics area so can shut off power when closing up without needing to check each item. Same for kitchen too. (Similar to woodshop).

A clear out of useless items e.g. there is what claims to be a 3D scanner above the MacPro, but it’s ancient and no longer useful or used.


The wall has USB A already and as luck would have it, a communal USB C charger was approved yesterday!


Im brand new, so there might be some already, but, some units of arduino / rasp pi for proofs of concepts to use with breadboards at the space?

We have some. Can’t say if all of them work but those I tried did.

We have plenty of development boards and some Arduino and some old raspberry pi, maybe I should get some more


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We may need some additional wires but these are 65w so can charge your laptop etc as well as phones and stuff!


Do we have a usb microscope? - one that can be hand held.

Ideally something like this (working distance up to 500mm):

(Cheaper on eBay)

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I did some soldering on SMT components this week which was a bit difficult.

Do we have solder paste, applicator (syringes), stencil sheet we can laser cut, a reflow oven etc.

Do we have a collection of different size soldering iron tips for touch ups?