What would you like to see in the electronics area?

As more space has freed up I was wondering if anyone has a wish list of tools they would like to see in the electronics area?

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I think right now the main thing we’re missing are some supplies!

Unless stuff is hiding, were very low on heat shrink with only the very smallest size left and I couldn’t find any thin flexible stranded wire (only single core wire). Kyle was talking about wanting some strip board (This kinda style with the bus in the middle - https://thepihut.com/products/1591b-proto-board).

I think it would be nice to have some more of this stuff on hand with some way to pay via the online store if you use a lot of it (like the laser shop, otherwise I would have to go get cash for the honesty box).


the heatshrinks are hiding, I will get bigger sizes, maybe some protoboards

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A more organised, well sign posted sorting of a lot of the tools would be good seeing as there is more space. And a good stock comment of parts. I’ve been needing use a jst crimp set for ages but have no idea where it would be/if we have one. Happy to help with the sakdis sorting system, they have even let me loose on the big cnc now.

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Thanks @emuboy!

Also as were talking about tools, I find these absolutely amazing - https://omnifixo.com/en-gb - They can do far more than most helping hands and they can even be used to hook up power with little spade connectors on the clamps. They’re a bit expensive though for what they are.

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definlty expensive, I much prefer one of the classic ones with the blue bendy hand, maybe we can have a couple of them

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that’s defintly happening now that we have more wall space free, I would like help if we decide to CNC them as it might be cheaper


Sounds good we will just need to get some hard board or thin ply that is suitable.

How about a coil winder for making transformers, inductor, guitar pickups etc…?

I’m new round here but of the handful of people i’ve spoken to, a few were into audio projects.
Be great to wind my own audio transformers as they’re very expensive.

we have one

Stranded “servo” cables would be nice to have on hand as well.

I’d chip in 10 quid for an omnifixo, the videos I’ve come across look compelling!

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it’s basically a 3rd hand with a strong magnet on a metallic surface?

But arbitrarily placed arms. That seems to make it way more maneuverable. No balancing the tension on a series of arms that are all being bent back.

That would be £40, thanks

Sure. Just 3 more all gripping in a parallel plane :slight_smile:

Thata what I can do with 5 minutes and a bag of parts, sorry


+1 for JST crimps. I was searching the other day and couldn’t find any.

I now have these and they seem decent for the money at least my initial fee crimps.

iCrimp IWS-2820M - https://amzn.eu/d/bpFpCED
iCrimp IWS-2412M - https://amzn.eu/d/5LtNqw1

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I got one of these and it was pretty good for upgrading my 3d printer.
Dunno if it helps. company is german i believe.



I was thinking some component racks would be great. I don’t remember there being any last time I was there but correct me if I’m wrong.

we have component “racks”

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