Hi all, I’m Steve.

I’ve been a member of a MakerSpace previously back in my home town, but moved to London last year and am excited to get back in a workshop!
Woodworking is my main skill/passion…but love to try new things and learn what I can - which MakerSpace is perfect for!!

@welcome I’d like to come take a look around if possible before officially signing up, however as at a wedding next Wednesday so will miss the open evening. Is it possible to arrange an ad hoc visit to the space?


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Hi Steve,

Welcome to our community!

Sure, if you’re available tomorrow, there is electronics night from 7pm til late. If you come along and tell a friendly soul that you’d like a tour because you’re not available for the next open evening, that should be easy to arrange.

If that doesn’t fit and you don’t live too far away, you could just drop by any evening, there’s usually somebody around and if you ask nicely…

Should none of the above work for you, give me a date/time and I’ll show you around.

See you at the Makerspace,


Hi Mark

Thanks for the reply. I love a good hour cycle away, so sadly can’t just pop by.

Would this Saturday or Sunday afternoon be suitable for you? I work nights so wake up around 2ish, so could be at the space around 3-4 if you’re free?


Cool. Either Saturday or Saturday Sunday (sorry for the confusion… too much screen time :man_shrugging:) is fine by me and 4pm works also. Your pick.

Sunday is good for me. See you there

Ok, Sunday 3rd September, 4pm at the Makerspace.

See you then,