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Hi my names Daniel nice to meet you all

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Hi Daniel,

Welcome to our community! Have you visited the Makerspace last Wednesday? And just out of curiosity, have you received your membership invitation yet? We sent you one on the 21st of July. Sometimes they end up in spam for some reason.


Noo I’m sorry. I didn’t get the chance to but I will definitely be around this week, I’ve been to the workshop many times though as I was actually invited and shown around by Shannon a member there? I have also met quite a few regular members there on visits.

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Hi Daniel,

Welcome to the Makerspace.


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Hi I collected my fob and scanned in yesterday but someone on yhe discourse page said I am nor signed up?

I scanned in at 00:30

Unfortunately, you have to pay membership fee to become a member. I apoligize for the inconvenience.

Yes I must admit I was confused on the payment side of things I never seen the subscription email I will get onto that thanks and sorry.

The email was sent to you on July 21st. Best check you spam folder.

What are the concessionary rates do you you know?

You contact directors vie email and describe your circumstances. If they agree, you’ll get concessionary rate for up to six months.

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