Music Night Revival?

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Hi @timyates and all!

I have been wondering, if there would be an interest from new and old memberships of a revival of music nights?

I was thinking a monthly event on an evening in a room at slms that would be the most suitable regarding space and if occupated by a number of people jamming for a couple of hours, where making would be the least disrupted.

I and other members and our friends were allowed by to jam a few Fridays in an empty space in Arch2 last year, but due to covid restrictions it wasn’t suitable for a huge number of people…
With so many events taking space in the space, I’d like to check interest and suitability.

Now I am open to ideas if members would deem a space in MS being used like that once a month or once a couple of months in the late hours of possibly Friday or Saturday?

I have a drumkit I could wheel in for the occasion, happy to share and am open to suggestions around ground rules and how loud we could get!


Great idea! I’ve got a bass

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Would absolutely love this. I can bring a bunch of instruments for people to jam with!

(note to self: stick a bunch of “DO NOT HACK” stickers to them…)


This topic needs to be changed.
If you skim the list of new topics, it looks like this is happening this Wednesday.
You have to scroll a LOT to find out that this is a discussion about starting up again!


I’ve split the topic. Feel free to edit the title.


Count me in! It would be nice to have the option to play electronic instruments too but I don’t know if there’s anything to plug them into?

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We can assess how many amps are we able to pool together before the event? Ive a small bass one that I can share.


I’ve got a small Vox too


I’ve been seeking a live coding jam for a while (using laptops+code to make improvised music) so this sounds great if everyone is open to expanding the sonic palette? Or that could be a separate thing if people prefer.
For anything that requires a line out I suggest using a mixer going into one amp.


I and my partner coming to the space with a couple of other members and a handful of guests to jam in Arch2 from around 7pm. I’m bringing my drumkit, if anyone wants to join feel free but please bring your instrument and an amp should you need it, I’m happy to let anyone play my drums if wanted.

We are always short of tambourine players.

We have to be mindful of hearing of our fellow members (no hearing losses please) and neighbours so sound control and ability to rock hard without piercing eardrums necessary.

Arch2 has still trip hazards, so bring firm shoes and keep eyes open!



would we be fit for a jam in February? I will bring my partner and a drumkit, semi-acoustic bass and some amps, but totally fine if we want to keep it low and acoustic, for that please state preference in the poll. Tambourines and shakes welcome.

@ClemJ @mikekelly @DanArves @timyates @0atman @JackL @deadlight @Dan @Dermot @Howard

  • 17th Friday evening
  • 18th Saturday afternoon/evening
  • 24th Friday evening
  • 25th Saturday afternoon/evening
  • acoustic
  • semi-acoustic

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LOVE this. I can bring my keyboard and a few synths.

It’ll be important to manage everyone’s volume level, we’ve had runaway volume problems in previous jams, I would volunteer to do studio engineering here!


Agreed. I have a little mixer if you don’t have one.

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@0atman and @fincheee I fixed the poll so vote again please! It had a bug so redone it.

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Perfect, absolutely, please do. No harm giving us options, I don’t have a big mixer.

Yeah always up for a jam! Can bring electric or acoustic guitar, various shaky things, including tambourine.


All for this but where do you plan on having it? I know last year it was done in arch 2 while construction was going on and didn’t interfere with the general running of the space.

3 years ago we were doing it in a clean room once a month, I’d thought we do it in clean room again. Since electronics tools could still be used and textiles too if needed to be, only with music in the room for about 3 hours, potentially bringing them to the assembly area. So far we were approved, but if there is concern, totally happy to sort it so we’re all happy. (Not totally impossible textiles won’t be moved in their own room by then maybe as well?)

2 of my amps are in the old woodshop

Always ready to rumble,eh!