Mortiser - 8mm bit

Hi @woodtechs I have 14 wooden door handles to make for home. If I buy a compatible 8mm mortiser bit for the door spindles, could I ask a tech to oversee its install? I have used and been inducted on it, back when it was in arch one. The new bit will be gifted to the space.

Yes. I’m planning on refreshing myself on the tool install process tonight actually. When we’re you planning on doing this?

We wrote up some instructions on the Tool Page - and there is a PDF of the official instructions there also… I remember it being a bit fiddly to get right…


Hi Max, I’m actually popping in 5pm today, should be free 5.30-45pm till 6.15pm. Haven’t ordered the but yet, but happy to do tonight after advice.

Don’t think I’ll make it until 7 I’m afraid

No problem. Shall we keep in touch on here? I’ll look for suppliers online and let you know what I find

Would you know the shank size for the mortiser bits? I can narrow down the searxh…there’s a variety online but most seem for hand drill chucks.

I’m planning on getting to the space in the early afternoon, I’ll check then

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This part is 20.6mm wide on all of ours, which is probably some fraction of an inch.

And here’s the collet that goes around the drill bit part

For reference:

Thanks Max. So I should look for bit with a shaft with imperial equivalent of 20.59 or 15.8?

From the manual:

Sounds like originally there are 4 bushes to suit 4 different shank diameters on this machine, do we have them all? I am not sure, but sounds like we at least have these 2 based on what Max found:

13/16 in (20.6mm)
5/8 in (15.875mm)

Hope that helps!


So you probably want something like this:

Though they have cheap adapters to go from 13/16 to 3/4 shank:

Which may open up your options? Not sure…

Just to be clear - the first image is the diameter of the chisel itself (20.6mm), and the second image is the diameter of the outside of the shank (15.8), which slides over the drill bit piece, we have a few of those to accept different diameter drill bits. I believe the first one is the one that matters, I’d assume thats the “chisel mount size” - 13/16" (wow what a fraction) is about 20.6mm

Makes sense, 13/16 seems to be a common shank size and then you can sleeve/adapt down from there…

Do we have (or need?) an adaptor/sleeve to for this 3/4 inch to fit the 13/16 inch ?

I was down the other day and didn’t see any adaptor with the bits and pieces we have. All the chisels we currently have don’t require an adaptor, but moving forward, perhaps it’s a handy thing to have.

We’ll purchase it as woodtechs, it’ll allow us the flexibility to get differing chisels. Just let me know if you go ahead and order the chisel and I’ll make an order for the adaptor.


Order planced!

I thought you American it’s an imperial machine this is a good opportunity to express your americanness


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