Metrology and precision measurement tools

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Benson height gauge 14" / 350mm height gauge, working, good condition.

Mitutoyo Absolute Digital Inspection Gauge 543-272BS, fully function, new-ish

Rabone Chesterman Cast Iron Engineers Spirit Level 6" and wooden box, working, no damage.

V.I.S VERNIER / DIGITAL - 12 inch height gauge - working.

Mitutoyo telescoping bore gauge + 2x unbranded bore gauges.

Depth gauge, un-calibrated, second hand
Gauge block set (Inches), some rusted, second hand.
Verdict dial test indicator (Inch), second hand, well used but working.
Mitutoyo mag base, second hand, some wear, working
Bowers bore gauge and setting ring.

Lufkin inside micrometers x 2, and end measure rods set, used, working.

Sine bars, 3 and 5 inch, used, good condition, no rust.

Assorted parallels, used, some slightly damaged, otherwise good.

Set of Mitutoyo small hole bore gauges, new, unused.

Mitutoyo 1inch micrometer with venier scale, some rust, good condition.

The above tools are loaned by @simpit

Granite surface plate, used, some chips on the edge, overall good.

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