Cylindrical square (or cylinder square?)

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As described in this video, so that we have a reference standard for as close to perfect a right angle as we can for our expanding metrology…department?

Here’s the British Standards for said instrument:

Here is the lump of specific type of cast iron that I plan to turn into said square.

I have no experience with harder metals so would appreciate anyone else who wants to join in turning this into something useful.

ill be in space in half an hour if that helps

I’ll be in tomorrow morning for a few hours if you’re around then.

That is beautiful, I don’t know if our metal lathe is accurate enought to make a refference square I would test that a lot before trying to work on the rest of it

Could do.What time are planning to be in?

Around 10

im a bit late, will be in 10-15 min

Roman and I did a little adjustment on the lathe dials and crossfeed, tightening things up, there is now much less play and everything is more rigid.

I think that our lathe will actually be able to handle this.

I’ll be following this as the process for getting the lathe aligned.

Once done I’ll be turning between centers as the method for bringing the cast iron into the appropriate shape.