Metal Lathe Induction/training

Hi all,

I’ve been looking but can’t find a sign up list or calendar entry for induction on the metal lathe. Could someone please point me in the right direction or explain what the process is for getting a lathe “pass”.

thanks Neil

Hi Neil,

As far as I understand, currently there is no induction list for the metal lathe. If you’d like to learn how to use this tool, I suggest asking one of the @metaltechs how to get inducted on the metal lathe.


Hi Neil,

We’re currently working on building an induction for the lathe. Do you have some lathe experience? We’ll certain need help running inductions once we get them running.

Thanks for the replies,
I’ve had minimal experience on a metal lathe at school in the 1960’s (!) nothing since then, though I have recently been given a smaller (Tyzack) lathe and I do have a reasonably sized vertical mill with a VFD which can obviously work metal in a similar fashion for some simple operations.

I would like to make some pivots and cams similar to these:

Pivot and cam by Neil Tully, on Flickr

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Nice! I’m sure @Gergo_Dala would be interested! What’s your mill setup?


Its a medium sized older belt driven hobbyist mill (can’t recall name) with an aftermarket VFD. Currently in a workshop in the SW, and I’ll take a pic when next there. Mostly used as a heavy duty drill press and for simple machining for various DIY projects, (I’ve been renovating a listed building for the last 10 years +).

Theres an end in sight for the DIY so looking forward to getting some more fun workshop time.


I’m looking forward to seeing a picture!

We’re on it, and after it’s done I’ll start the lvl1 course of how to operate the lathe without killing or mutilating yourself😁


The tyzack is a nice one! Dou you have accessories too with it?
Listed buildings are fun, scraping off the top layer a couple pallets of remmers😆
Do you have the mig/angle grinder induction?

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Hi, if you decide to run a metal lathe induction, count on me! I’m super interested, less than basic knowledge with wood lathe and mig /grinder but I can help: cleaning up, making coffee, documenting/filming the induction…


+1 to what @dario said :slight_smile:

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@metaltechs, would be good to get an induction schedule up and running for sure:smiley:.
@Gergo_Dala, re my small lathe, still in bits after dismantling but comes with a box of tooling and other bits and pieces, I’ll take some pics over the weekend and maybe someone could tell me what they all are for?
I’ve not had any inductions yet but think I’m on for the MIG/Grinder one. I’ve done a bit of stick welding over the years and have my own collection of grinders, inc a 9" bench chop rig.

Listed buildings…a labour of love and expense but nearly there having done a top to bottom strip out of all the horrors implemented since the 1940’s. Now minimal cement and plasterboard content, lots of insulating lime plasters, breathable paint systems and full UF heating set under massive limestone slabs to keep it all nice and dry.


I havea fair bit of lathe experience. It’s been a while, but can help


Thanks for volunteering Ben! If I forget to reach out once we’ve got the induction material sorted, would you please reach out and remind me? :slight_smile:

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the lathe one is on the 27th welding will be next weekend check out for your machine.

same here!

I sopent a while on churches catles and medieval buildings reparing statues and stonework with the local heritage conservation and unesco on my neck on top of the general contractor and a dirty piece of art head of restoration


Thats proper restoration work! We’ve tried to be pretty sympathetic in our reworking and haven’t skimped on the important elements, roof coverings, windows etc. So the local Conservation Officer has been happy, even if the bank manager hasn’t been.
Thanks for the Lathes link, I’ve been on there a few times. The lathe is complete, motor working, everything appears to turn ok, just need to get it set up, and find some time to practice.

if you have a car bring it down and we can check it out after the induction on next sunday.
Yeah it was fun screaming on the scaffolding in 40+°C when the remmers just burned up in half an hour and half m² sclupted parts just fell of :rofl:

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Hi, @Gergo_Dala, @metaltechs, is the lathe induction induction happening on the 27th at 11.00 still? From the calendar I can see the welding induction on the 26th but nothing listed on 27th? NP if not or I haven’t made it on the list, but if it is/I am i’ll need to get back to HH in time.