Maker Raft Race 2018 edition - 28th July

(electrotech) #41

so like umm… how is the boat getting to the race? as it seems that hasn’t been solved yet. anyone able to step up?

(Dermot Jones) #42

I’m in Hampshire, earliest I’ll be at the Space is 11

(Dermot Jones) #43

@StudioNelle… Do we have a trophy?

(Tom Hedges) #44

I’ll be at the space in about an hour to help out. Happy to add to the trophy, or do anything else thats useful. Does anyone need anything? Gaffer tape? Red Bull?
Also happy to lend my branded t-shirt from last year.

(electrotech) #45

aluminium sticky tape… 2 rolls … maybe 3. @TomHedges

(Tom Hedges) #46

Like this?

Will see if the herne hill builders centre can supply on my way past

(Dermot Jones) #47

Got any ratchet straps? I mean in the Space?

(Tom Hedges) #48

On the way down now. We should have last year’s somewhere?

(Dermot Jones) #49

I’ve grabbed a few anyway

Thought: if @StudioNelle hasn’t made the second trophy, then there must be some interesting offcuts from the raft we could meld together to make one?

(Dermot Jones) #50

There in 15

(Dermot Jones) #51

We won ‘best in class’

(electrotech) #52

yay well done guys

(PaulY) #53

Any photos / videos of said boat / hydro in action??

(Howard Batchen) #54



(electrotech) #55

warning: some bad language in the videos.

duplicate uploading to: imgur

photos/vids i took leading up to the boat leaving the space that morning.