Maker Raft Race 2018 edition - 28th July

Folks…it’s time to get serious and defend our title as maker champions on the water!

last year’s race and our glorious beer-keg vessel ‘Craft Beer’*, and discussion about how to embellish the ‘trophy’

We don’t have the rules yet, but for the moment assume that the craft must be constructed entirely from ‘non-nautical’ materials, and probably human propulsion – though that needs clarification

So let’s get a team together and start thinking…the honour of SLMS is at stake here guys!

Also: it’s a fun activity to just take part in: everyone involved last year will confirm it was a blast…as I recall we only started making our craft on the evening before? And very nearly made it an all-night build…

Who’s on board?

*thanks to Lucas for naming the good ship


I’m in! Yes, it was great fun, and yes we did the entire build the night before. I think we could probably improve on that this year… We already have the paddles in the snug… And I found one of the decorative cutlasses floating in the laser scraps pile the other week.
Do we try and go bigger this year? 4 person?

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I’m sure I can give a hand, I do have a few ideas on the design/s ( if we are entering both or just the one )race ? ) Brian

I should be about this year. Happy to muck in.

Me too.

Not sure how anyone could better last year’s impressively swift and stable craft.

Before we know it, the race will be upon us! I suggest we try to get some people together to start making plans for our entry(ies?) this year.

  • Primary aim - have fun
  • Secondary aim - start building craft more than 12 hours before the race
  • Tertiary aim - return as champions

Poll time - who’s available when?

  • Tues 26th June - before members meeting - say 5pm
  • Sat 30th June - AM
  • Sat 30th June - PM
  • Sun 1st July - AM
  • Sun 1st July - PM
  • Other (please post below)

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@dermot - do we have a link to the official rules for 2018 yet? And any details about the new powered craft category?

@platinumnqueen22 and I have had more than a few discussions around the powered craft. In response to the ‘‘Clean’’ power requirement in the rules, I am willing to donate a couple of 6KW outrunners and their respective ESCs, which I have discussed with Brian. I’m also designing a gearbox to be used with them.

@TomHedges, in response to your poll above, I would suggest after the member’s meeting or perhaps the next day (Wednesday). I, for one, can’t do anything before 6PM.

Great to see some people interested! No single date looking like a winner at the moment. I suggest it be mentioned at the meeting tonight to see if there’s any extra interest - and maybe do a straw poll then on good time for a meeting. I’m not 100% sure whether I’ll make the meeting tonight.
@emisnug and @platinumnqueen22 - sounds exciting. I look forward to hearing all about it.
@andrew_d / - thanks for your votes! Are there any generally good days/ times for you to meet up?

I think weekends are better for me.

Unlikely any one day will work for everyone. If there’s working groups then we can meet as and when possible?

Or the more experienced racers could say when they’re in and the rest of us could work around that?

It’s not really fair on the competition, unless it decides to go into low earth orbit :rofl:

Sorry for letting this go fallow. Life has somewhat interfered, and I’m not going to make it down to the space until a few days before the race. I’m still very much up for any last minute building and race day itself - but suggest that someone else might want to take the lead on getting people together and making a plan.

hi guys. I’ve decided to steer the maker raft race, gonna use the bits of pallets lying around.



So…turns out I’m going to be away all next week, but will try and be there on the day to support and cheer!

Anything you need @StudioNelle? I have the original flag-holding section of timber in my garage, can drop it off at the Space

Do we need to mobilise the keg-scavenging machine?

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So…only a few days left

Rob and @platinumnqueen22 are forging ahead with their fantastic non-human powered vessel… there’ll be a tonne of activity on this with 3d printing and a van roof this week…keep an eye out for it

We need a team to crystallise around the human powered raft – I’ve left the flag holding plank in the Space as a starting point, as we can rebuild last year’s ‘cRaft Beer’, or go for something new? Now would be a good time to get going with this

Sadly I’m away, but will be along to support/cheer/celebrate on Saturday

I’ve attached the poster too, can someone print this out and display it in the Space?

Here’s an email from the organiser, Ollie:

Ahoy There Sea Owls!

I hope you are all faring well, your beards long, your hair bedraggled, your legs and eyes off on their own adventures, your treasure buried, and your ships careened, as it is only 5 days and nights left to the 3rd Annual Maker Raft Race Regatta, ooooohh aaaaaghhhhhhhhh!!!

It’s shaping up nicely for this year’s fierce maritime competition. Our vessel is going to herald a new era in flotation, hydrodynamics and naval propulsion technology.

The site opens officially opens at ten, but you might be well get in there from 9… Its at the City Road Basin, The Islington Boat Club, roughly equidistant from Old Street and Angel Tubes. You can park in Graham Street and sometimes in the actual boat club, but dont rely on that.

There will be a youth club taking part in the race and helping us run the day, so no alcohol is allowed in the boat club itself. There are no restrictions in the neighbouring park (Graham Street Garden) where the races start from and audience often sit. There will be light refreshments such as sausage rolls and tea but please bring essentials for being out in the sun all day (snacks, sugar, water bottles, teddys).

All material must be removed from site by Sunday evening, if we don’t we may be liable to a fine.

Now, for the really important stuff, ALL VESSELS MUST BE FLYING A FLAG.

Also, please provide a jovial / short fact sheet on your team, workshop and vessel. Anything of interest or relevance that the commentator may call upon.

If you can provide prizes of dubious value and lustre for the prize giving ceremony that would be grand.

In terms of fees, please bring cash on the day for the boat club. The funded / commercial groups should pay £50 and community ones £25, though if some generous soul wants to sponsor the whole shebang that would be fantasmo.

I will see you 10 cables out and 3 fathoms below,

Cant wait,

Captain Keeno

A4_Poster_V02.pdf (118.0 KB)

All - we’ve been rooting around in the storage area at the back of the space and found some 100mm OD tubing used for the extraction system. Is this still needed, or are we able to use some of it?

@platinumnqueen22 @Dermot

Flexible or rigid?

Ask @woodtechs as they have plans, and @joeatkin2 as he should have an overview of whole system

Metal or plastic?