Maker Raft Race 2018 edition - 28th July

(Robert Keyes) #21


(Brian Cox (no relation )) #22

Hi all, metal (I think it was left from the building infrastructure ) its just the right size for the motor housing unit to fit in to snuggly and mount the impellor wing on to, many thanks Brian and Rob:heart_eyes:

(Mark Johnson) #23

I am going to be using the plastic pipe so I have no objections

(PaulY) #24

…Howard’s just alerted me to discussion on discourse (I rarely use it) about needing a lift for some sheets of foam from wickes. I’m PMing Rob about this. We should be able to pick up and deliver to the space tonight.

How many sheets is it?

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #25

Hi Paul:smiley: about for large sheets, many thanks Brian xxxxxxxxxx

(Dermot Jones) #26

Sounds like the metal duct is all yours for this

(Robert Keyes) #27

So, progress report the day before the race!

  • We have got some materials.
  • The 3D print was taking far too long (3 day print…) so we’ve decided to go down a more simplistic route.

Things that will be happening this evening/tomorrow morning

  • Hull Shaping (Rob/Brian - 4 hours)
  • Wing Shaping (Rob/Brian - 4 hours + cleanup)
  • Calum will be welding up the propeller
  • Motor Enclosure (Rob - 1 hourish)
  • Motor/Battery Wiring (Rob - 2 hours)
  • Somehow getting to the race tomorrow morning.

@platinumnqueen22 and I will be at the space, swearing regularly and loudly, all night to get the boat ready. If anyone wants to pitch in, we’ve definitely got a job for you! Although it will be rather foamy.

(Dermot Jones) #28

I’m out of London until mid-morning tomorrow, so can’t help with the van

SLMS will fund a zipvan if anyone who has an account is willing to drive?

(Dermot Jones) #29

Any photos? Would be good to tease the other teams

(Robert Keyes) #30

Unfortunately most of the photos I’ve taken have been of Brian is various stages of near-zombification and lots of foam dust. I will be posting to this thread throughout the evening with pictures - tease away!

(Robert Keyes) #31

These are the wing shapes

(Tom Newsom) #32


(Rich Maynard) #33


(Tom Newsom) #34

In the canal?!??!! :smiley:

(Robert Keyes) #35

That’s the notion

(Robert Keyes) #36

Motor and prop are coming together nicely…

(Robert Keyes) #37

People, do we use this monstrosity?

(Pete Hellyer) #38

Yes, in theory. Needs a new bendy bit. Should be used to take nasty smelly nastiness away

(Robert Keyes) #39

Would anyone object it being potentially commandeered as a prop housing? We can make one out of some other materials, but eyeballing the duct it seems the right size

(Tom Lynch) #40

I don’t think thats a good idea.