(Jackie ) #1

Ok, there’s no mailbox but I know that there’s loads of more important work going on…

So, is it ok if I just buy one with approval and get reimbursed? @Trustees is this how things work?

I know it’s just a little thing but would be good for the post!

(Tom Newsom) #2

We’re not really supposed to get any post, but it’s not like these things are expensive. Post here with the one you plan on getting and get more than just this trustee’s approval and that should be fine :smile:

(Jackie ) #3

Ok, I can have a look. I only ask because the postman had stopped by a while ago and thought it might be useful for any snail mail!

(Tom Lynch) #4

Tom’s right there is no post delivered to us ever that is actually for us, just BT phone bills that get sent back, and junk mail. We could get one just incase, there was that time I wanted Google to send us a verification postcard for Google Maps…

Should also order a cigarette bin…

(Jackie ) #5

Everyone here is so much faster than me with their internetting!

I think they look good.

(PaulY) #6

Shall I go ahead and put in an order for the mailbox above?

Do we think it would be useful?

(Beth Slater) #7

And cigarette bin?

(Sarah Jones) #8

Bagsie me not empty it. The end of my bartending days was a moment emptying ashtrays at the end of a night when I suddenly realised I never ever wanted to empty another ashtray as long I lived.

But they are probably both a good idea. A post box would make the postman happy.

(Beth Slater) #9

Surely it would be up to the smokers to empty it? Either way we should get the letter box.

(Dermot Jones) #10

Yes, to letterbox. But I think it should be clear that it’s for Makerspace post, and that members need to have personal correspondence delivered to their own addresses.

Cigarette bin? Could this go in the garden area? Might encourage less smoking right by the door, which I believe has caused some friction in the past?

And…what about the dog ‘waste’ issue? Is it passive aggressive to put up a dog waste bin and bags somewhere in the entrance to the Bath Factory Estate? I’ve a feeling it’s mostly the efforts of one dog, and I’m pretty sure I know the main dog-owning culprit is. Maybe a conversation and the gift of something like this easy/lazy amazon link would do it?

(PaulY) #11

ill get a mail box then.
some brave soul can start a ciggy bin thread or a poddle poop pot post.

(PaulY) #12

i bought the mail box. its on the main table.
will put it up when i get a chance, but any body else welcome to do it if they want.

obvs! make sure its put outside the shutter. obvs!

(PaulY) #13

Blah blah blah
(Thanks for the hand @lewisss)

(Andrew D) #14

I thought the extract had been repaired, or has it been hit a second time?

(Dermot Jones) #15

Hit a second time. By our neighbours, who are going to pay for replacement

(Chanelle) #16

Is there someone at the space now?

(Dermot Jones) #17

Looking good.

What about keys?

(Dermot Jones) #18

Possibly @lewisss and @boldaslove ?

(PaulY) #19

There are two keys.
I’ve labelled both “post”.
Put one on the keys hook with the other keys and the spare in the draw with the fobs.

(PaulY) #20

Dunno if it’s new? I’ve Not been down for a while.
Is it new damage? Looks buggered!