(Dermot Jones) #21

@boldaslove @lewisss

@StudioNelle is asking if there’s anyone in the space right now

(Chanelle) #22

@boldaslove and @lewisss I desperately need to locate my camera and would really like to have a look myself if I have left it here. I’m currently not a member and so need someone to give me door access. Anyone is able to help that can give me a time they will be at the space I would very, very much appreciate your assistance.

(Tom Newsom) #23

The activity log says there are definitely people there as of 10 minutes ago, if that helps

(Chanelle) #24

No unfortunately it will take 50mins door to door to get there so need to someone will be there at least a couple of hours.

(Tom Newsom) #25

Well, I will be there again at around 18:00 today if you can be punctual

(Dermot Jones) #26

Phone the space? +44 20 8678 1181

(Andrew D) #27

Can we get an elbow section that turns 90 degrees in a shorter distance? I have noticed that ours stick out from the arch a lot more than the neighbours’ extracts. This will be our third elbow in the six months it has been up on the wall. I think a slight redesign is necessary if a tighter elbow section cannot be found, or we’re going to be replacing it every quarter.

(Dermot Jones) #28

We have the ‘wind chimes’ to go up. They should prevent damage from incoming traffic

(Chanelle) #29

Tried it no answer

(Chanelle) #30

Yes definitely - thank you!

(Chanelle) #31

Tom, not to worry turns out there are loads of people here. Thanks

(Dermot Jones) #32

Great. Did someone message you?

(Chanelle) #33