Laser cutting

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Is anyone available to give me induction on using the laser cutter?
I would like to cut some 6mm clear acrylic. I am prototyping light design. :bulb:. Had to put project on hold during covid. Have used laser cutters before but this particular one.

Thanks in advance

Hi Sara,

Welcome back! To get inducted on the tools including the Laser check out this post:

Also, make sure your membership is paid up or you will get access denied on the induction wait lists.
Hope that helps!

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Hi Sara

I am the lasertech currently doing the inductions. I have a 2 scheduled, but they are both full.
I’ll advertise one more for this year, so look out for the notice.


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Hi Brendon,

Any new slots :eyes: :crossed_fingers:? I so want to get back into the project

Thanks Andy :blush: so looking forward to getting back into making after covid

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