Laser Cutter out of order - or not

(Gawain Hewitt) #1

Hello @lasertechs and @lasers

Someone has gone to some trouble to bend the focus tool for the laser cutter so that the bottom is “flat” and it no longer hangs nicely on the machine. I’m happy to bend back into shape, but can I have the blessing of an @lasertech before I do please (in case I’m about to do the wrong thing)

I found the tool looking like this (bent)

And it should in my view look like this (image from the internet)



(Gawain Hewitt) #2

Also there is something different at the software end too. I’m only getting black and white files arriving at the Trotec software which is obviously very problematic. Looking into it.
Trotec software also looks different to normal and behaving a little different

(electrotech) #3

Ergh at using lasers tag

(Gawain Hewitt) #4

Re software - user error - the software bit is fine, settings changed that’s all
Still need to solve the focussing aid. I’ll put an out of order sign on the cutter for now until it’s resolved. I’m around for a bit and can straighten if @lasertechs are happy

(Louis) #5

Thanks buddy! Slap the out of order sign up and I will come take a look this evening… if the focus tool is bent it could mean more serious issues like and impacted laser head…
As in previous requests, does anyone know if this happened during their usage?

(Gawain Hewitt) #6

done - out of order sign on and machine off

(Elizabeth Joseph) #8

I think there might be a spare focus tool somewhere…? @lasertechs

(Louis) #9

Correction Elizabeth, this is the spare as a user has already lost the first focus stick…

(Filip) #10

I used the laser cutter on Sunday but I don’t remember the focus tool being bent when I was done with my cutting

(David Cushing) #11

Could this be something where we create a template for a replacement focus tool, and then cut it from scrap acrylic?
It needs a ‘nubbin’ on one side to hang on the laser head assembly, and a thing the correct length that dangles down to hit the bed material at the right height. Which would be … the focal length of the lens we use? Or is it actually a little off that - e.g. a 20mm lens would need a ~25mm long focus stick, to allow for cutting material of up to 10mm thick - therefore placing the focus point of the beam in the middle of the material? Not entirely sure here!

(Jonty Bottomley) #12

I’d have said that optimal cutting happens when the focus is in the middle of the material, therefore for any given lens the ideal scenario would be a focus stick for each thickness cuttable by the lens.
As to practicality however with so many users it’s perhaps more suitable to have a fairly generic single focal stick as this I’d have said has been good enough historically and going forwards.
I like the idea of cutting a bunch but not my domain… for lasertechs to discuss and implement / not.

(Dermot Jones) #13

Cutting focus sticks used to be a Trotec demo favourite…maybe some files online?

(Zeine Daoudi) #14

Laser Focus Jig by watsdesign