Knitting Machine Punch Card

I’ve been working on laser cutting a punch card to try on our knitting machine. It was almost easier to build a tool to produce svgs’s to cut than do it by hand. You can try the svg generator out at I cut it at 108x300mm 100% power, 10% speed. Where the card did not lay perfectly flat, I had to remove hanging chads. Truthfully inconvenient. Next stop the knitting machine!


Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this project, cannot wait to see the result!

Can you swap cards throughout the kniting?

The manual linked on the tool page goes over it but its been a while since I’ve read it. I’m pretty sure it can be selectively engaged.


For the lazy, or unsure.

The manual talks about the punch cards, but a search of the forum for “punch card” doesn’t bring up that knitting machine.

Would you consider adding a link to your generator to the tool page?

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@akshay.mariyanna and I had a great time trying this out at last night’s textile night! I’ve added a punch card section to the tool page.


That looks amazing


Very cool! Nice work!!!

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Guess that proves your laser cut pouch card works then !
Looks good.


That should of course read “punch” card ! Fingers not awake yet…

Anyone who is interested in giving it a try, I have added an image upload feature. Fully white pixels will be thread A, all other colors thread B. Your image should be no more than 24 pixels wide. If it is more than 60 pixels long, it will ask you how many rows to skip. You can do multiple cards by entering 0 the first time, then 60, then so on.


Nice! Can we do it now??


Wow! Spectacular result! How exciting.


I want to give the machine a play sometime - if anyone wants to mess around with it together one evening - shout :slight_smile:

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Hi Kyle,

We are starting to look at our content inclusion for the Dulwich festival Maker fair we have a “Don’t be Shy! submit your Make” event happening on Friday. Would this be of any interest to you maybe and/or do you know anyone else I can reach out too?