Kia ora! I'm Si, a new member

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Hi everyone, I’m new to the space and new-ish to London as well!

Looking forward to working on a few lighting projects along with some other craft pieces I have in mind. I’m interested in electronics, furniture, lighting, and wearables.

Looking forward to meeting new people in the space!



Welcome Si!

Thanks @Safia!

Kia ora! Have you come from down-under recently?

Kia ora @recursion! I’m a recent addition to London, but have been in the UK for a couple of years now. Spent some time up in the North West :metal:

Well I can’t welcome you to the UK, then, but welcome to London at least!

I lived in Sydney for 10 years so I’m familiar with that part of the world.

Thanks! I appreciate it either way. I’m really liking London so far, a good shout, people are cool, and this rad maker space.

Awesome, it’s always good to come across someone who’s familiar with the antipodeans - we’re a different sort. How did you find Sydney?

Far too far away from everything, if I’m honest! I never got good at handlin the heat. :'D

Haha yeah I can relate, that was my main reason for moving over this side of the world! Ugh and yes the heat… I mean, I prefer the NZ climate xD

I did too when I visited!

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