Hey all,

My name is Peter and I’ve just joined SLMS after coming to the open day this Wednesday! I absolutely love the look of the space and the friendly welcome I received and am heading in for the first time a little later today.

I’m a keen printmaker and patchwork quilt maker, and would love to get some more experience using the hand tools in the wood workshop as I’ve been trying my hand at some basic green woodwork recently.

I’d like to try my hand with the CNCs and 3D printers in time, despite not having anything in mind project-wise at the moment, I think I’d really enjoy learning the basics through an induction as a new skill.


Nice meeting you today :slight_smile: and a thank you in advance for the offer of some free coffee for the Makerspace.

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Hello Peter! Can you bring some of your naturally dyed fabrics to textiles night? They look amazing

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There is a nice little cross over project for print making and 3D printing if you’re stuck for ideas, the open press project. This is a fully 3D printed miniature rolling bed press. the plans are free to download and print or you can buy a version with steel rollers. If you come to an induction I am running, I normally bring mine along as an example. This is a functional press as well and not just a decorative model.

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I’ll have a look at what I have left and of course bring some in! Is textile night a regular slot as I can’t make the one this Wednesday unfortunately?

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Lovely to meet you too, thanks for the warm welcome! I’ll bring some ground coffee in next time I’m by, cafetière grind is the best by the sounds of it?

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@platinumnqueen22 Brian is our coffee expert :slight_smile:

I have come across this before, really cool project right! I am lucky enough to have my own full size roller press which I do most of my printing on but I’d absolutely be keen to find some other ways to meld the two mediums.

Hi Peter,:heart_eyes: Lavaza coffee is what I usually stock the spaces kitchen with (its Luvully ) lol. Keep well . Brian D=

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Sounds good! I work at the roastery for Monmouth Coffee in Bermondsey so should be able to bring some hearty quantities over on a semi-regular basis :grin: