Introducing South London Makerspace - information for new members

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So you have signed up, set up your direct debit and the first payment has gone out. You are a bona-fide member of South London Makerspace. Now what?

First of all - Welcome!

South London Makerspace is a community as well as a physical space. We want you to feel welcome and valued as a new member and to feel like you are part of something amazing. You probably have lots of questions, so here are some answers to start you off.

How do I access the space?
After your first direct debit payment has reached us, you can have a key fob to open the front door. Simply come down to the space one evening, introduce yourself, and ask any member to give you a key fob. You will then need to touch it to the reader in the front door, note the time, and send a message to @directors who will then activate your fob and link it to your membership account. You will then be free to come and go whenever other members are in the space. There is more information here about accessing the space.

When is the space usually open?
The space is open whenever members who have shutter access are in it. In practice, this is usually most evenings and weekends, and some weekdays too. There is no set schedule which may be frustrating at first but please remember that we are a community organisation, not a service with paid staff. We have no employees and are run by and for our members. After you have been a member for a while and have got to know some existing members, you can ask someone to nominate you for shutter access and then you will be able to come and go 24/7. The space is always open on Wednesday evenings for open evening.

When is a good time to drop in?
Wednesday evenings and weekend afternoons are usually good times to drop by. From 7:30 every Wednesday there will be at least one member hosting open evening and available to chat.

How do I get more involved?
After two years of construction and planning, we are now in the final stages of making, organising and setting up our makerspace. Helping with this task is a great way to get to know other members and to become part of our community. There is usually work on the space going on on Saturdays from 11:00 till late and there will usually be a post on discourse advertising it. There are plenty of tasks suited to all skill levels so just come along and someone will help you get started.

Volunteering to co-host an open evening is also a great way to get involved. We always try to have two people hosting, so you can pair up with another member who can help answer questions. Your perspective as a new member is very interesting for visitors so you can start hosting open evenings as soon as you join. Sign up here to host an open evening.

How do I share my skills with other members?
If you have a skill you want to share, you could volunteer to host a workshop. Just start a thread in the discussion section to gauge interest and then pick a day that works with everyone. Or you could offer to do a demonstration for members and visitors on any Wednesday open evening.

How do I get started making stuff?
We want you to be safe while using Makerspace tools and equipment. Some of our tools are expensive and easily broken, and some of them have the potential to cause serious, life-threatening injuries. Because of this, even if you have used similar tools elsewhere, all new members need to go through our induction processes before using the laser cutter, the Ultimaker 3D printer, and the woodworking tools.
Induction sessions are advertised here.

What else do I need to know?
You should read through the β€œHow To” section to understand how the space works. Please also read and abide by our Values & Rules.

Who do I ask if I have more questions?
There are a small groups of members responsible for various activities and areas within the makerspace. We call these @roles and the groups are:

@lasertechs -
@textilestechs -
@silkscreentechs -
@systems -
@marketing -
@events -
@welcome -
@directors -

Otherwise, if you have a question and are not sure who to ask, ask anyone in the space or post it on here and someone will point you in the right direction.

Welcome again, and happy making.

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