Hi, I’m David. I’m hoping to join the maker space to learn more about large scale cnc cutting and screen printing, Maybe even combine the two.

Just how long is this dang waiting list, anyway?

Hi David,:smiley_cat: hopefully not to long, we have had a large number of people signing up over the last 5 months so their is a bit of a back log (sorry ) but we are starting to make some head way and we have a few dedicated people working through it as I speak. Any problems please e,mail @directors for any more queries , I hope this is of some help. Keep well Brian D=

Welcome David!

There is no waiting list for screenprinting because it doesn’t require induction. Eg, you can use if immediately.

CNC has a waitlist, but the last few inductions the bottom of the list was inducted, there are lots of people that are ‘waiting’ but not really… its a long story…

You need to become proficient on the small CNC and then you can graduate to the large one. There is no waitlist for the large one, show us you are good at the small one and we can show you the differences and induct you on the large one…

Let us know any questions!