(Bushra Burge) #1

Following on my previous thread.

So the Bluetooth to inflatables work - yayee but I’m not sure what connector to put on (at the moment cable ties which keep it airtight but need to be able to able to undo easily). I need to be able to change the inflatables (currently balloons!) or let the air out easily.

Anyone have ideas ? of a type of hose clamp (though still very fiddly ) ? Or 3d print something ?

I’ll be in tomorrow evening if anyone is around.

(Jonty Bottomley) #2

You might be able to get by with hose clamps sometimes also called jubilee clips. You’ll probably be best to line the inside of the clip with some rubber as the balloons are likely more fragile than hosepipe…

(Duncan Jackson) #3

How about something similar to the old fashioned cardboard balloon pumps? They had small hole just big enough to get the end of the balloon in and I think they had a lightweight washer inside that would push up and form a seal / clamp the balloon in place when put under pressure…

(Bushra Burge) #4

Hi thanks - I’ll try both ideas.

(Rich Maynard) #5

You can get zip ties that are designed to be released easily

(Bushra Burge) #6

Thanks !

(Bushra Burge) #7

Actually looks the little spring clamps (I’m using 6mm … Had to buy a pack of 120 assorted sizes ! In case anyone wants any) has done the trick.

(Bushra Burge) #8

after a lot of playing around - seems like this is the most robust least fiddly setup -