Industrial singer sowing machine up for grabs

(Pete Hellyer) #21

how large is it, and would it fit in the space? @textilestechs

(joeatkin2) #22

Industrial sowing machine size

(joeatkin2) #23

I can bring it in and we can have a look

(Sabrina Tabuchi) #25

I think we already have one in the space and not sure where it could go? Although if it fits the more the merrier!

(electrotech) #26

the way people have just ignored my post, i found disrespectful. makes me less inclined to give away things to people.

(Dermot Jones) #27

Hard to tell though if @joeatkin2 was replying to you or someone else? You clearly got in there after @StudioNelle said she didn’t want it.

(Chanelle) #28

Maybe not ignored, I think the delayed response from Joe allowed people to suggest it may have use in the space and any personal request for the machine after that may have missed your request in all the chat.

I think it might have just been an oversight.

(joeatkin2) #29

not ignoring it’s yours if you want it , there no space, in the space , just letting people figure that out for themselves .:grinning:

And you got there first , but I don’t know how to get it down as I am not sure it will fit in my car

Remember the table is part of the machine.

(Zachary De Santos) #30

Good honest feedback/ tension sharing

(joeatkin2) #31

Have just run a rag through it .

It is a beast. …:grinning:

(electrotech) #32

Thank you for understanding and being awesome.
ps. thanks joe you rock !

(joeatkin2) #33

This is the industrial version, it is huge and very fast.

With a cluch drive so it starts and stops really well .

If you want can I will leave it in the space for a few days so you can have a go

(Sabrina Tabuchi) #34


(joeatkin2) #35

I think that we should aspier to have a zigzag machine of this caliber .

I personally think that that is what slms is for

(Chanelle) #36

What happened to the sewing machine? Did this go to @electronoob in the end or end up some place else?

(electrotech) #37

its in the space, joe dropped it off couple of days ago.

to be honest my father doesnt need it now and we thought it wasnt coming, so now hoping someone else needs it?

(Pete Hellyer) #38

Any use to the space?

(Jonty Bottomley) #39

would be a definite upgrade of the bernini…

(Pete Hellyer) #40

I’m on board then if @textilestechs think?

(Chanelle) #41

It would be good to get those that use the machines regulary to test it against the machines that are already there, using different fabrics for a fair analysis.