Industrial singer sowing machine up for grabs

(joeatkin2) #1

Anyone interested

(Chanelle) #2

is a walking foot singer???

(Chanelle) #3

And how much?

(joeatkin2) #4

Free I think

(Chanelle) #5

Where is it located I think I might be interested

(joeatkin2) #6

You know that you want it😀

Enfield I can probably bring it down to the space if you want

(joeatkin2) #7

And give you a lift to go and see it , but you will have to get the train back

(joeatkin2) #8

It’s bigger than the normal singer and has a cluch drive and a huge under slung motor.

Lookslike it would eat leather for breakfast

(Chanelle) #9

That’s exactly what I would need. Ok, Let me check if I can get storage at Somerset House as they have no sewing facilities there. If they are happy to store there long term I’ll be taking it there will have an anawer before end of working day tomorrow. Will let you know ASAP.

(joeatkin2) #10

I can store it for you for a bit.

You know what I am like with sewing machines?

(Chanelle) #11

So the team would be delighted to have sewing facilities at Somerset House and welcome the machime there. How do you want to arrange it. Do you have my number?

(joeatkin2) #12

Will let her know, call me or catch me in the space

(Chanelle) #13

Joe, I emailed you my number, I don’thave yours. I’m free over the weekend and have 24hours access.


(Chanelle) #14

I sent a message but didn’t get a reply. So in case someone else is interested someone has kindly offered a leather walking foot machine close to home so will not be collecting this machine. Thanks all the same.

(electrotech) #15

this still available @joeatkin2 ?

(electrotech) #16

I defo want this please @joeatkin2 if its available still, can i buy you a drink for getting it to the space for me?

(Nico de Jong) #17

Can we not put this in the space???

(Dale Connolly) #18

Would be handy. I’ve got some thick waterproof material that needs sewing. Sounds like this would be perfect!

(Chanelle) #19

Just in case you didn’t realise but the machine on the table is an industrial strength sewing machine, it can easily handle most material it can sew through thick leather you just need the correct needles and heavier weight thread.

(joeatkin2) #20

Still available .

Let me know if we want it asap .

There’s a skip hear