I'm confused with induction system


I think I need an induction on inductions…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m confused about, how to book an induction, please do not try to explain it here, not to be rude or whatsoever, its me not you??? I don’t know.

Is it possible to get someone to explain how the bloody system works…I thing we need a workshop for that.

You want an explanation how it works, but not here? Where would you like it explained?

in person may be a workshop face to face, I see there’s more confused people around

You want an induction?
Add your name to the waiting list and wait for an inductor to offer you a session.
You find all the waitinglists under Admin/Induction Waiting Lists.

Is your discourse name on the waitinglist?
You will be automatically invited. Then you decide whether you want it or not. These offers are postet under Admin/Induction Sessions

This might also help:

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Admittedly, it’s not the best induction system, though it’s good enough if we can get members on board with using Discourse. Members that can stick around for a few weeks typically end up getting the inductions they wanted. Everything is done by members and volunteers after all and there is no set schedule.

For other members that are confused and do wish for an explanation here: It is a member run makerspace, inductions are done by trusted volunteers, there is no set schedule, they’re kind of on an “as and when” basis. You can get started by browsing the category of Induction Waiting Lists and add your username to the lists you want inductions on, then simply wait your turn to be invited.


Dan, we’re all volunteers and not a paid service.

We try to keep SLMS’s processes and procedures kept in one place here on Discourse. For an organization made up of and run by hundreds of members, keeping that documentation in one place on Discourse is a big part of what keeps SLMS functional. The “How To” category in general is worth a look-over to understand how things work here.

As far as inductions specifically, if you’ve given the documentation that’s been linked a review and still find yourself confused, I’d recommend asking someone at the physical space itself to walk you through it - the other piece that keeps SLMS alive is the in-person social interaction and combined love for making. If you ask a member in person they’ll probably be happy to walk you through it.



I would be pro a simple ‘Navigation’ category at the top of discourse with a single post in it containing descriptive links to around discourse. Then you’ve got something obvious that can be endlessly optimised to be useful to new members.

A 3 minute phone screen share video by someone who knows their way around discourse could be useful as well.


But obviously, we all do this in our spare time so there isn’t time do everything that gets suggested and planned.

Have you seen How To: South London Makerspace - Index - Start here!?



I will be in the space this evening (from about 4 to about 7.) if you want to come round and have a chat I can show you through the process

Yes! We just need that at the top of the home page, otherwise someone who doesn’t know their way around discourse will never find it.

Hi mate thanks and really sorry for the late reply.
I’m in now, are you in? Don’t worry if not.


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