👋 I'm Antony

I just realised I didn’t send an intro when I joined a few months ago…

I’m Antony, I went to an open evening back in 2017, and finally managed to join a few months ago after waitlist, covid, etc…

My main goal is to get more involved in the community, make some new friends, learn some new skills and maybe share some knowledge.

I live up in Elephant and Castle, so not too far from the space and enjoy dog walks in Brockwell so likely will try to coincide some clean-room making and dog walks when the weather is nicer. I’m an experienced software engineer, but a lot of my job these days is imparting knowledge, leading teams to deliver excellent products/services. I work for myself so get a bit of freedom to do some other bits on the side, such as helping a charity improve their business operations, and building out websites for small local businesses.

Primarily, I’m interested in woodworking and metal working - my fiancée likes all these expensive furniture brands, but I think (given time) I could probably make something on-par for far less money… maybe. I’m also very into textiles and have been keeping an eye on the clothes workshops - very exciting!

Looking forward to meeting more of you!


Nice! Welcome! Glad you finally got in! See you in the space!


Glad to see you do pro-bono work for charities! We should meet up… I’ve done that kind of stuff too! Currently not freelancing, but yeah… that’s my jam. Good to have you!