I made a board game, it's called space chess and it's played on a sphere

Hello fellow gamers, I made a game. Does anyone want to play test it one of these evenings? It’s never been played before :smiley:

It’s somewhat like chess because it’s turn based and there’s a big important piece that needs to survive. But it’s played on a spherical hexagonal grid and the pieces are spaceships :rocket:. The rules (and 3D models) are on the github page, but … the rules are fluid and I’ll definitely talk too much about them.


So that’s what it is! It’s been an enthralling object.
And yeah, I’m keen for some experimental space chess.

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Looks so good! Would love a play sometime :smiley:

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Sign me up for a test match.

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Me too

I’ll have a go at this. Big fan of games and defining rules :rofl:

The quality of that build looks very impressive, too.