I am considering renting workshop space and maybe finding others to do it with

To the admins, I did not know where to post this thread. I hope this topic is acceptable. If not, just let me know and remove it.
Anyway, I am looking for workshop space for woodwork. I don’t need a big space. And I know there is a long wait time for the South London Makers Space. So, I know this really a long shot, but I thought I would try my luck. I was wondering if there was few of us looking, then we may be able to take a space together. Many places have rolling monthly contracts and split between a few people it might be doable.
I know you guys don’t know me and I don’t know you. But we could meet and see if it’s possible. If not, there is no loss. I am not young, so I have rented commercial space in a previous career. So, I do have some basic experience.
On more thing, I am open to East London and South London as well as North London, as long as easy to get to for me. I live in East London.

Hi Ryan!

Before you set out on your own, the waitlist is actually not that long, we will most likely re-open at the start of February to new members like yourself, so I would hold fire unless you need space for an actual business.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Andy, Thank you. I appreciate that. I suppose one of the things that I am interested is the community aspect. The ability to connect and learn from others. I have been viewing places in East London and other places, many of which are run by non-profits and charities. However, the slow pace of things has been a bit frustrating. I do understand they have limited resources. So, out of desperation I thought if I joined forces with a few people, although long shot, it may work, as others have done it.
I am happy to wait a bit and see what happens. Thank you for getting back to me quickly.

There is only one restriction to removing the waitlist, which happens to be on the agenda for the next members meeting! So as andy said above, after the 30th Jan hopefully the waitlist will be gone!


Yes, that is hard to replicate and is a huge part of SLMS!

Certainly others have gotten together and rented space etc. but you won’t get the large variety of skills/interests as well as the shared resources of 300+ members…

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You could always start another makerspace. There’s certainly demand for them!
(I’m being serious!)

If you’re in East London, it might be worth having a look at Blackhorse Workshop if you haven’t already - https://www.blackhorseworkshop.co.uk/

I would consider it if I had others with me. But not on my own. It’s not just about money. It’s the work involved. I find most people are afraid of the commitment. Which is kind of understandable. I was looking at a platform at connecting creative groups across the UK. I was covering the initial cost and build. Even with that, it was difficult to get directors from non-profit creative workspaces involved, because of bureaucracies involved in this sector, and lack of trust (which is also kind of understandable). So, what you describe would involve even more work, so I can’t see it happening easily unless people who know each other do it together.

But your suggestion is very good. I am always open to new ideas. Thanks.

Yes, I looked at them a while back. I have been able to find a place for myself for now. However, I am still very interested in the South London Markers Space and just meeting people. Mainly from that angle. Thanks.

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