How to Run an Induction

  1. Schedule the induction
    • The agreed process is to allow 7 days to for folks to respond to the induction. Make sure to leave a few more days (3) to finalize the attendees
    • Create a post in the induction sessions category
    • You can grab the post text from here. If it’s not a CNC induction, you’ll have to paste in the base text for the tool.
    • Make a space booking
  2. Finalize the list
    • At the cutoff time listed in the post from above, comment on the topic with who the top users are at that time.
    • If they do not respond at the next cutoff, invite the next highest person, and so on.
  3. Run the session
    • If applicable, run through the test questions the inductees might’ve struggled with.
    • Have the members demonstrate their knowledge
  4. Post session admin
    • Make a request in the tool control thread with the Discourse usernames and real names (first and last when possible)
    • Add members to the Discourse group
    • Remove them from the waitlist
    • Add x’s to the main waitlist for those that did not respond to the induction at all, those who failed to confirm , or did not attend.
    • Message anyone receiving their first x, linking to the process

*This process hasn’t been agreed universally, but has been on trial.