Hosts needed for Open Evening, June 14th, 7pm - 9pm

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It’s your trusty fog horn calling for volunteers to host the Open Evening this coming Wednesday, June 14th.

If you’re interested, put your name down in the Open Evening hosts Rota. Also if you’d like to host one of the other ones coming up. If you’d like to know what’s involved, have a look at this lovely How-To host an Open Evening.



I’m really sorry, I can’t make this one.

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Reminder: Members wishing for keyholder/shutter access, this is a great step forward to be able to earn it. See the thread: How to get shutter access.

I’ll likely be around so I’d be happy to lend a hand when required but if a member wants to earn shutter access themselves please prioritise them.

PS: Cool illustration, who made that? :smile:


Tim Hunkin:

Backstory from Dermot:
He spent an afternoon at SLMS drawing this for Dominic Morrow’s book about Maker/Hackspaces – I think the book project stalled…but we have this wonderful memento!

Check out his Website and Youtube channel !


Maybe me might have a Makerspace outing and visit Tim Hunkin’s bar at a First Thirstday Thursday of the Month drinks event:


I know this isn’t the place to go off-topic but maybe would be nice to have a thread dedicated to the space layout, technical/fun drawings and illustrations, measurements, etc, keep them in one place and attribute who made it. They seem to be spread throughout Discourse. I plan to do a 3D point cloud scan of the place using an iPhone lidar scanner, might help place things in the future?