Hoi! I'm Phili (interested in almost everything, but mainly textiles, printmaking and ceramics)

Hoi hoi!

I’m Phili and I became a SLMS member on Wednesday!
I’ve recently moved to London from Greece for university (studying Humanitarian Emergencies at LSE), so I’m very happy to join a community here.

I’m currently mainly making lino prints, so I’m very interested to get into the printmaking part of the workshop once it reopens to learn about screen printing. I’ve done (very basic) ceramics for a while, mainly hand building, so hearing a ceramics workspace is being opened is very exciting!

I’d love to learn more about textile work, and specifically rug tufting. Is this something that’s introduced during the open textile evenings? I’d also really like to eventually learn about woodworking.

In short, I’m very happy to meet you all, and really just want learn about all the different kinds of making at SLMS :slight_smile:


Hi @Phili :partying_face: I don’t know anything about ceramics or textiles and I have no idea what “Rug Tufting” is. :+1: It sounds awesome.
I can show you all my woodworking tricks

I would love to learn to print clothing for “merch” soon, I’ve done a screen print on a t-shirt once but that’s the limit of my knowledge

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Hi! We are having our next textiles night on the 6th February so please come along if you get chance. E have them once a month. I’m afraid I dont know much about the rug tufting either but we can try to find out!

Hi @TracyD! I’d love to join textiles night. I can’t make it next week, but will be there the month after :slight_smile:

Actually I have the date wrong! - it’s the 13th February. It is usually the first Tuesday of the month but I have something else on next week,