Hiya - Dan

Ive always loved the whole repair movement - pre covid I was this close to getting Lewisham Homes involved… Ive only just discovered this space so I’d dont know exactl;y how it works… but i would love to come down…

Full disclaimer - we have storage space we are looking to clear, including gadgets / toys i had kept hoping to find the space in the future to figure out how to fix them.

Things like an old 3d printer, some RC helicopters, an old drone that hit tree…

Now im signed in, i’ll post some of these directly… but Im also curious if you take donations (like leads, old pc componenets etc).


Hi Dan,

We are having an open evening tonight from 7:30pm come down and have a tour :grinning:

It’s a really fun space with lots of tools to play with and space to practice. We are limited on space ourselves re donations but you never know if one of the members might like to have it at home.

I’m also in Lewisham, Catford end :slight_smile:

Hi dan , space is at a premium but we’re always happy to take stuff that we can use, some of the tools might be useful to areas the 3D printing tech’s might be interested in repairing using the 3D printers.

Lots of stuff is repaired in our space sounds like you’d fit it right in come have a look on the Next open night and feel free to post on discourse about the stuff you considering donating

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07:00pm ! Though, we still very much cater to people who arrive later as well. :slight_smile:

@danskr We have an electronics area but I suspect we’ve got plenty of old leads and components at the moment, but it depends what they are. We could do with a few extra HDMI leads and USB C and Lightning cables for example since that’s what everyone uses now. Come to the open evening tonight and see for yourself; failing that, you can drop by near enough any evening and I’m sure someone will show you around anyway.

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Thank u for lovely replies…I will totally try and come down tonight… but if I eff that up next week for sure.

Got HDMI cables, got some DDR3 memory chips etc and HDD cables… even a box of paper and card from back when we tried to set up our own business…

I did unfortunately have to move our campervan out of ULEZ so transport is an issue for us… sbut im thinking I have mabe an easy repair thing … it would give me a good excuse to come down!

Cables and old bits of computers is something already have way too many of. The same probably applies to stationary

Fair enuf…
I would definately like to know when your next open evening is… we do have a few electronics that are ruined by flimsy USB/power connectors…

Our next Open Evening is on Wednesday 29th!