Hi, this is Sudarshan, need support

New to town, country and continent.
There is a small project of a polargraph I was working on before coming here. I am just a hobbyist. Was thinking if someone could help me get a prototype ready.

Here is the progress on it so far;


If needed, I can drop in to the makerspace today itself.


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Welcome to Town, Country and Continent.
I made the same journey myself 5 years ago, from South Africa.

In terms of access to tools/material/space, it would be best/easiest if you became a member:

If you are not yet ready to join, have a look here from our public events, including open evenings which you can attend:

You are welcome to pop in at any time, but you may not find anyone there, or only people working in un-related tools.

I look forward to meeting you some time!

Thanks! Let me try tomorrow

There will definitely be people there in the afternoon today (Sunday, 15 Oct)

Would you folks still be there around 3PM?

Looks like it. I won’t be there, but many others will.

Welcome! Shoot me any questions you like.