Hi, Nick here


I am Nick based in Kennington.

I’ve known about SLMS for quite a while know but it was only come January this year that I applied to join. Unfortunately the timing couldn’t have been worse and it looks like things might be on hold, or at least a go slow, for quite a while. Certainly with regards new members anyhow.

I am an artist, designer/maker I guess. Something like that. One of my main interests is lighting but I do a whole gamut of stuff ranging through furniture, interiors generally and electronic projects (Raspberry Pi mainly).

Many things I make are inspired by found/reclaimed objects. The light I am currently working on started out life in Japan when I lived there many years ago. It’s been through a series of iterations over the years but came on considerbaly when I last had access to a laser cutter 5 years ago. I’m very keen therefore to build on this and refine the design to a point where i could batch produce in limited numbers.

The SLMS discussion forum has been very useful over the last few months for keeing up to date with developments. It’s good to see the space is back in action albeit on a very restricted level however I’m still stuck with the problem of how to progress my work. One option I am considering is to purchase a small laster cutter as mentioned in this thread - Laser attachment for a 3D printer?

My project involves cutting 3mm ply which it seems the Ortur can do at push. A slightly more powerful laser might be more appropriate perhaps but if it’s only a matter of the process taking slightly longer then that’s not a problem.

Anyway would be good to hear from others on this and other matters.

Best wishes

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Hi Nick, things are a bit quiet due to the holidays and the Pandemic, I’m sure the space will come back at full blown soon, we do have a laser cutter at the space but you need to get inducted on it, sadly that’s something it’s lacking behind for reasons I’m sure you understand.

3mm ply it’s basically the minimum for a laser cutter, but as far as I can see the Ortur it’s marketed as “laser engraver” so it’s a bit of a gamble in my opinion.

If this is a one of project you can try to find online services that laser cut for you!

Thanks Andrea

I have considered the online service route but I prefer to be hands on as possible during the developement stage at least. If I manage to get it to a finished prototype then of course I will take it to such a company in order to produce a small run.

I should add however that I still very much an amateur at this. The designer/maker thing therefore is as much aspirational as anything else. Another reason probably that I feel I need to oversee things firsthand.

Point taken about the Ortur. Thanks for your input. Still very tempted however and curious to know what other options are out there at this level.

Ortur 20W (~5.5W laser) will cut laser ply and black acrylic at 3mm… you’ll need to experiment to get to know it, but that’s true of any laser…just might be a little more learning with this than a £2k one…I believe cheap diode laser cutters will be a standard home maker tool in the next few years, just like having a 3d printer… and some of the advances such as combining two diodes for higher power and developments in lenses will feed into this…there’s a huge amount you can do with 5W of laser power

Thanks Dermot. Much appreciated.

Fascinating to learn of the latest developments in this area. I had no idea. Very exciting.