Hi Makers! I'm making a bunch of LED signs

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(Simon Eves) #1

I’m hoping to use Makerspace to fabricate 10-12 LED signs for an art installation. I’m pretty confident on the woodwork and basic circuitry parts, but the sequencing of the LEDs is going to require some shared expertise!

(David Santoro) #2

Hey Simon,
I’m not an expert but the project I’m working on involves led strips and fancy pattern. Maybe we can bash our head together.
When are you usually at the space? I could meet you for electronic night if that works for you.

(Paul Court) #3

Appols I wasn’t there yesterday but hopefully there next Thursday… pop along for a chat and we can look at the possibilities. We even have some strips you can play with somewhere in the space !


(Simon Eves) #4

Hi David,

I’ve only just signed up! But I’ll be coming down to an open evening soon.

I’ll let you know once I do.