Hi, Julia from last weeks open evening

Hi everyone,

I am Julia (pronounced Yoolia) wanted to introduce myself here officially :grinning:
Some of you I have already meet last week during the Music Open Evening which I thoroughly enjoyed!

I am really looking forward to be able to work in a space with other creative and likeminded people and share ideas and experiences.

My interests regarding making are currently woodworking and carpentry; furniture, and small objects mainly. I have some basic woodworking skills hand have used some tools before but I do lack the knowledge needed to make something well and choosing the right tools and materials.
Also interested in metal work although I have never done any at the scale which the tools are for in the workshop.
3d printing would be another interest I would like to explore for model making and just to figure out what is possible.
Laser cutting and engraving is also high on the list of things I want to explore for small scale projects.

Here a little bit about my background.

I am someone who very much enjoys different crafts and learning new skills.
I have previously tapped into many different things and have experience in sewing, knitting, crochet, woodwork and wood carving, felting…

I do enjoy cooking and baking a lot so you might see me bring something in every now and then.

As a day job I work in digital marketing and run a small company with my husband.

I am also a jewellery design/goldsmith and work mainly with silver and gold making jewellery such as rings earrings and necklaces. My work is usually very small and intricate but I am venturing out from that.

I am happy to share any skills I have especially jewellery making. So just let me know :slight_smile:


Welcome! :grinning:

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I have just joined and I am mainly interested in wooden ware and furniture but also like you am keen to pickup as many new skills as possible. I also bake and cook a great deal.
I hope to see you round.


Hi Giles,

nice to meet you! If you are also coming to the snug clear out on Saturday we will meet there properly I guess.

I am coming. I am bringing a delicious cake too. I searched for ten years for the perfect version. I hope you like apples.


Hi Julia!
That’s a lovely intro, nice to find out so much about you! We have some similar craft related hobbies like sewing and knitting.
I’ve not yet found time to get into woodworking myself but I hope to!
Jewellery making sounds great, I love seeing jewellery that people make! My aunt does it sometimes.
I’ll be around over the weekend so I might see you then!

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Hi Hannah,

nice to meet you. I am sure we will be able to share lots of stuff :grinning: . I will be in on Saturday. Let me know if you’re around.

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Oo sounds like we will have lots of interests in common Julia!

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