Hi I'm zee!

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Hi everyone! I’m new to South London and I’m hoping to get more involved as time goes on (or at least as covid eases up).

I’ve built drones in the past, and generally build and program little IoT devices. I’m however hoping to get my hands dirty with a lot more woodworking and metal working to make cool gift ideas.

Hoping to learn and share with the community as time goes on ^___^.

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Hi Zee!
Making drones sound cool, I’m sure our electronics group would love to hear about that!
We are running fortnightly virtual electronics sessions if you want to join, but that may change soon if we manage to re-open enough. We will see! I also hear you that you want to make other things right now.
What kind of gift ideas do you have?
@petra makes some really cool door stoppers out of wood and resin :slight_smile:
I keep meaning to get into woodworking but don’t feel I have enough space for storage!

@hannahintech Ah I’ve got a few ideas! The main one however is a custom singing and light up device kinda like this. I’ve already done all the prototyping for the lights and the sound playing all I need to do is make a case for it. I however don’t know anything about making a case/body to fit everything in.

If you or anyone else does know about making cases like that, that would be AWESOME :smiley: .

Other than that, just little mini Robot/IoT stuff I’m learning from YouTube. What about you? What do you like to make?

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Likewise @petra I’m curious to see some of the stuff you make! Maybe I could learn a thing or two!

that looks cool!
I’m a software engineer (working on an ecommerce website at the moment) and I like to mix art and tech (and games too!). I usually start things or research things and find it hard to finish anything so mostly I would say I just tinker :slight_smile:
I do knitting and crocheting too, and I started coming up with ideas for fabric jewelery recently because I inherited my nan’s sewing machine and part of her fabric collection.
I’m away for a few weeks from tomorrow but I might see you around discourse if I log on!
I hope you enjoy the space in the meantime :slight_smile:


Yoooo that’s super cool! I’m a software engineer as well! I used to work on e-commerce sites as well (I worked developing Sainsbury’s Tu website and a little bit of Argos).

I know what you mean about tinkering though haha. I find sharing what I’m working on keeps me feeling Accountable and needing to finish my work haha (well… Some of the time lol).

Righto! Enjoy your trip! You can show me the crocheting stuff when this pandemic let’s us visit the space again. :smiley:

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Hi Zee,

We meet yesterday I think :slight_smile: Nice to meet you :grinning:

The case for the device can be done on the laser cutter with acrylic with a mixing of cutting and engraving and the engraved areas will light up if light shines through.

There is loads of stuff to do and once we’re back open I am sure you can get right stuck in.

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Ah yes Julia! I remember!

Thanks for the tips! Can’t wait to try!
I guess the sooner we get the space ready for use the better! :sunglasses:

Looking forward to it!


Great! I’ll see you tomorrow then!
Btw how are the face shields coming along.
I realised yesterday that we had actually spoken before :grinning:

good! :slight_smile: