Hi, I'm Toyin

I’m on a journey to reconnect with my creativity. I like to think that I’m a mixed media type since my interests are broad, but to sum it up I’m interested in narratives: anything that can tell a story. So I primarily engage with illustration and film media, but sometimes I dabble with sculpture (small scale).


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Hi Toyin,
Welcome to our community. We have a couple of people who are interested in photography and film. What kind of sculptures are you planning to make?
Hope to see you soon at the space!

Hi Karin,

Miniatures from paper and air dry clay for practical reasons more than a strong preference on materials. But I’ve enjoyed working with metal (wire, sheet, welding, etc) and plaster in the past.

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Hi Torin,
sounds really cool would love to see some of your designs. We are building a Ceramics area maybe experimenting with other clay will be a option later on!
Best regards

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