Hi, I'm Saroj - New Member

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Hello, I’ve just joined and excited about the community, the space and getting to know new creative people. I like to make sculptures, installations and small bits of furnituire.
I think I have signed up to the woodworking induction but really keen on the metal working area. I can’t seem to find an induction for that. Will there be one coming up?

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Hi Saroj,


Metal area is a work in progress, its a relatively new area and the guys are just getting the inductions and processes ready. keep an eye on Discourse, you should see something fairly soon


Hi Courty,

Ok sounds good. Thank you for letting me know.


Hi Saroj,

Do you have a specialist area of interest/experience in metalworking? We’re bringing together small groups of members to focus on individual machines to get everything going for the wider membership

It’s an exciting time for metalwork and we’re moving everything metal-related into a much bigger space next door this Spring…but we need energetic members to make this happen

Tagging @metaltechs too

Hi Dermot,

I have some experience in spot welding and using a MIG Welder. I did a workshop at London Sculpture Yard in November and last year I completed my MA and used the metal workshop quite a bit - bending, drilling, welding etc. I would love to help out and be part of the group to get everything going and once its all up and running, could help with inductions too. Happy to meet up with the other metal enthusiasts to get things going.



Hi Saroj
Welcome to South London Makerspace.
I have put you on a list of people interested in metalwork and will try to let you know when there are interesting developments - which there will be in the coming weeks.

Hi Howard,
Thank you, soungs great!