Hi, I'm Sarab!

Hi, I’m Sarab!

I’m a hobbyist who likes to make little electronic gadgets but am tired of ugly/cheap looking gizmos and want to make more “premium” looking/feeling objects.

I have a fair amount of FDM 3D printing experience, but am most keen to learn to use the desktop CNC mill (wood, aluminium) and laser cutters (cutting plastics, engraving metals). Will also probably use the soldering equipment, but I’m pretty comfortable with that side of things.

I can’t make the open evening on Wednesday 7th unfortunately, but would love to come down to say hi and look around on Saturday daytime if the space will be open?



Ah, and in my normal life I’m a university scientist and my research is on acoustic monitoring of biodiversity (e.g., https://thesoundofnorway.com/, https://www.bugg.xyz/). Bit niche, but if anyone is working on outdoor sensing applications and/or ML I’m happy to (try) lend a hand…!


Hello and I’m sure someone will be about on Saturday to give you a tour!


I make and use wind sensors
I use a LoRa mesh network to get the data to the gateway node.
The gateway node uses a Starlink dish with a 4G fallback router to get data to the offsite server.

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Welcome! I do CNC, and in my real life I am a data specialist… I’d love to talk to you about ML in your context, I almost never work w/ sound data.

I’ll be in the space friday until midnight if u wanna stop by


Hi and welcome to the space!

Your acoustic monitoring work sounds super interesting! A friend is working on something similar but for below ground - using acoustic sensors to monitor soil biome to facilitate regnerative agriculture. Let me know if you want an intro - I’m sure you guys could have a great chat.

Also know of some guys using audio sensing and ML to montior rainforrest biodiversity, and detect and triangulate illegal logging to try and get to them quickly before they can do too much damage. Can’t remember the name of their project, but can dig it out if you are interested!

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Thanks, yeah there’s a bunch of really interesting work happening in the field! Look forward to coming by and meeting people in person soon