Hi, I'm Sam and I am thinking about fabric

I’m Sam, I’m based in Brixton and I like learning new things. My current obsession is textiles and sewing.

I’ve joined the waiting list after having a quick go with the magic that is the embroidery machine. We used some satin on it and a bit of cotton. Does anyone else have any experience with it for materials that respond well to it? I suspect stretchy fabrics will be hard work but I’ve not tested it.

Does the space have a leather sewing machine?

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Here is a list of the machines we have (scroll to middle):

@textilestechs can advise on leather!


Welcome Sam! I’ve used the embroidery machine a bit - felt and stable cotton works well. @Martyn_Thomas - have you experimented with jersey? Maybe heavy weight sweatshirt fabric would be ok?

I have not experimented with jersey.

Rule of thumb - if a domestic sewing machine with a standard needle can sew it, the embroidery machine should be able to handle it. If in doubt have a google.

Sorry - just wanted to check my facts about waxed thread before I posted the link. I don’t personally sew with leather. Waxed thread is for hand sewing - not machine sewing.

On the question of leather, we have a few machines that can handle leather but it will depend on the thickness of the leather. In fact many home machines can handle leather to a reasonable degree - you will need leather sewing needles which are sturdier and have a chisel point to cut through the tougher material.

You would also generally use a longer stitch length and a thicker thread such as a bonded nylon

We have a Textiles night coming up next week - Wednesday 6 December, 6:30 to 9 pm. It’s a drop in session for anyone wanting to know more about the machines we have. It’s open to non-members.

Thanks Tracy. This is great info. I’ve joined for the embroidery but now I’m wondering about leather. Has anyone tried laser marking it?

I have a Sewist 725S at home but I’ve not tried leather with it yet. Need to get this seemingly endless Santa costume finished first.

Laser making leather - I do that quite a bit (i use the laser for a lot of my leather projects)

Amazing! Any tips? Photos?