Hi, I'm Ruby!

Hi everyone,

I have just joined as a member and am really excited to get going! I came to the open evening on Wednesday and had a lovely time meeting some other members there!

I’m keen on developing my Textiles skills, and also am a keen (albeit novice) ceramicist, so It’s really exciting to hear about the plans for a new ceramics space ! I’m also really interested in learning more about screen printing when that becomes available.

I live just 10 mins walk away from the space and work in Theatre/Comedy by day, so am really looking forward for an outlet to do some making.

I’m hoping to make it into the space very soon so hopefully meet some of you there!

Ruby xx


Hi Ruby,

Welcome to the maker space, lovely to have you join us! Everyone was a novice at some point too and you would be amazed at just how many transferable skills you actually have!

The textile area has an array of tools you can play with from over lockers to digital art. The maker space as a whole is an amazing sand box to stretch into all sorts of possibilities. :smiley:

Thanks for joining

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Hi Ruby,
it was nice meeting you at the Open evening. It is great to have another potter at the space.
Hope to see you soon again!

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