Hi, I'm Rob

I’ll hopefully make it down next week to have a look around.
I’m a prop maker currently working in TV/Film stuff. Before this, I worked in the retail display industry for about 10 years.
Looking forward to using the space and meeting everyone.



Cool, welcome Rob!

See you at the Space!

Welcome Rob! You can drop by any time there’s a booking now that you’re a member but we’re having an open evening from 7 to 9 tonight (stop by any time). There will be tours and a bunch of fellow makers! No worries if you’re unable to make it.

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Hi Kyle,

I’m looking at coming down this evening to introduce myself and have look around. Do I need to book in or let someone know so there is an indication of the number of people coming down?

Many thanks,


Nope, all are welcome. Come on by!

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