Hi, I'm Matthew and I'm looking for some bits of machining

(Matthew Marks) #1

Hello. A friend told me about your space and it looks amazing. I’ve got a background in electronics and like doing small practical projects around the house, often with Arduinos. Happy to offer any help in that area. I’m not so great with mechanical bits though, which is going to be a challenge as I have bought a hydraulic mortuary trolley which I want to use to raise a table out of the floor.

But something more mundane in the mean time. If it’s more appropriate to get this done by a machine shop somewhere then local recommendations would be gratefully received, plus material suppliers. I have an awning which has three brackets which need to be spaced off the wall. I have some bits already, but I need four pieces of 30mm or so aluminium rod, 101mm long and drilled out at 14mm, and three approx 170mm square aluminium plates maybe 4mm thick (5mm seems to be a lot pricier!) - these spread the load on GRP-clad thick exterior plywood.

I also have three air conditioning actuators which I want to use to control damper valves, but these valves have an 8mm square shaft and the actuators are designed to clamp onto approx. 16mm diameter round. A bit more interesting making square holes! Brass?

Many thanks.