Hi, I'm Matt

Hi I’m Matt :slight_smile: I’m a very keen novice woodworker. During lockdown I planned out the George Nakashima inspired table below and was able to put it together at my parents house with some rental tools over the August bank holiday.

Next on my list is reworking our dining table which I made several years ago. At the time I didn’t know much about wood movement and it’s spent the last few years pulling itself apart!

I can’t believe I never knew this makerspace existed having lived so close for so long! I put myself on the list during lockdown and have fingers crossed for an opening at some point.

If anybody needs a spare pair of hands on a project let me know!

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Welcome to the Makerspace!

This is beautiful :slight_smile:!

We always very much welcome a spare pair of hands. We are currently doing up a second Arch, and we hope to tentatively open our doors to new members in the coming months.
We are currently open to a limited number of people on pre-booked sessions so if you’re keen to join there would still be some limitations to what we can make at the moment.

I look forward to seeing updates on your next project!


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