Hi I'm Marta -ceramist

Hello, I have not yet become a member but have visited the space last night and I am very interested in the ceramic area. I’m looking to join once it is ready, hopefully in January.
I was discussing with one of the members the area (sorry don’t know the name) and after the meeting I found that there is very local kiln rental place, I’m just putting it here in case the members don’t know of it. It seems to be just down in one of the other arches.


Hope it helps :grin:


Thanks for sharing this and looking forward to you joining us :slight_smile: there are things you can do at the maker space without being a full member like electronics night and some workshops and event s like music jam nights that are open to none paid members while you wait for the ceramics area to be finished :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the link. I contacted her before but I will try again ( but I think she is the one who is leaving the Arch, sadly)
In January we are most likely further with the planning of the spray booth (watch the discourse for discussion) and maybe it would be possible to use it for glazing.

It was nice meeting you hope to see you soon

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Hi Marta. It was good to see you yesterday evening. I’ll confess that a large part of the pottery conversation went over my head, but we’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

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