Hi, I'm Luxi

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Hi all, I’m Luxi, a software engineer who has lived in London for 10 years.
I haven’t actually visited the space in person, but I just signed up for membership as a friend told me about the Maker space and it sounded really interesting! I’m keen to collaborate on both digital and physical projects
I did some woodworking and textiles at school, I would enjoy dabbling in both again
I plan to attend the Thurs Electronics meet too. I’m a backend software engineer for Ring (a smart doorbell/camera company), and I would love to understand the hardware side of it more as I have absolutely no experience.
Excited to explore the space and meet you all!


Hey Luxi, welcome to the South London Makerspace!

Me and @Laura_Barlow run the electronics nights! come and join us next thursday night and we can chat about hardware and projects!