Hi, I'm Leo

I’m Leo, a SE London based handyman with experience of painting and decorating, gardening, furniture construction /restoration and Carpentry.
Very excited to be able to get into the space soon and develop a few of my skills further as I have spent the last year working around my, very tolerant, housemates!
I will be using the space mainly for small to medium furniture projects of my own design but am also looking forward to jumping in on whatever projects I can assist in and meeting and collaborating with some of the other makers!
Hopefully get to meet some tonight at the open evening.

Great to virtually meet you.

Me too, although I dislike painting, decorating, silicone and gardening.

I prefer repairs, wall mounting, plumbing, electrical and furniture (including bespoke).

I’m currently engaged in 3D printing handyman-related projects and I’ve nearly finished my first fully functional prototypes. 1 should be finished today with 2 more to follow fairly swiftly as my time available for 3D printing allows.

Ah nice one Robert, I don’t touch pipes or wires!
Interested to hear more / see your 3D prototypes, anything that might help with work lol.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Do you use cordless power tools?

I do indeed, any new tools I have been buying are the Bosch blue range.
Why do you ask?

Ah, good choice. Bosch seem to be pretty good for most things, build quality, reliability and parts wise.

My current product range is power tool related

Yeh they come out pretty highly in most reviews and they don’t quite have the festool price tag!
Oh ok cool, so what kind of things in your product line?

I’ll have an announcement towards the end of next week

I’ve now got 3 fully working prototypes!!!

With a further 2 just requiring a 6 hour 3d print (each)

And another requiring minor design tweaks

Oh wow, sounds good Robert.
I saw your other post about help / advice on the products.
I would be happy to do a bit of product testing for you if you like, take them out on the job with me for RWA and get some pics of them in use etc if your interested.

Thanks for the offer, that’s very kind of you.

I’m currently using the 3 working prototypes myself and I could actually do with a few more.

I’m really looking at small-scale manufacturing now, possibly injection moulding, which would have relatively high setup costs. So I’d probably need to crowdfund or otherwise raise investment capital.

Or paying someone to 3D print them to order which would probably make the unit price quite high?